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AGORA Social Production is a private consultant cooperative. Its name refers to the classical Athenian Marketplace where economic and political matters were dealt with through social exchange. AGORA members are all experienced self-employed advisors, including process consultants, business psychologists, management consultants, coaches, (action) researchers and trainers in management and organizational development. Agora was founded in 2014 as a means towards gaining professional strength beyond singular members’ capacity through project-based teamwork. Today 10 consultants are members. Through close collaboration with business partners, private as well as public organizations, we are committed to generating professionally viable, optimally sustainable solutions to perceived problems and dilemmas, large-scale as well as smallscale.

AGORA is researching a wide range of issues of relevance for organizational development, management and consulting, in particular:

– Future forms of organizations – Teal organization
– Democratization Processes
– Consultant functions – internal and external
– Professional Dialogue: results, dynamics, variety
– High-performance teams
– The public sector at a crossroad: Potentials and challenges for management and employees
– Relational coordination
– Change management with Fair Process
– Action and Practice Research in organizations