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Elizaveta Bagrintseva

Elizaveta is a young specialist with both academic and practical experiences in the field of International Education and, in particular, human rights education and education for democratic citizenship. As a Project Officer of the European Wergeland Centre, she has coordinated and assisted capacity – building of education professionals and educational institutions, awareness-raising activities, as well as development of educational resources. The work was conducted in various educational areas, from the curriculum development to kindergartens, schools, and higher education, and in cooperation with different partners – state actors, including Ministries of Education, civil society organisations and universities.

Before EWC, her professional experience was almost completely related to research activities in the area of Comparative and International Education. Elizaveta supported the studies and funding applications development on the emerging topics, such as the relation between data infrastructures in education and inequalities, public-private partnerships, teacher accountability and educational quality.


Her educational background includes contemporary history, human rights law and international education. She holds an MPhil in Comparative and International Education from the University of Oslo.