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National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) is the largest state institution of tertiary education in Greece, and among the largest universities in Europe. As all other Greek universities, it is a self-governed public body and all major policy issues are determined by the Ministry of National Education and Religion. Retaining its academic autonomy, it fully respects the constitutionally secured right for a free education for all. This is possible because it is funded by the state. Moreover, It is progressively succeeding to benefit from its property, as well as from the funding of research projects with national and international partners. All funds are invested into the management and operation of educational, research and cultural programs, into student and staff services and grants.

With a student body of about 125,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, over 2.000 members of academic staff and approximately 1.300 administrative and secretarial staff and specialized personnel, the University of Athens aims at excellence in both teaching and research in a number of disciplines.

The Faculties and their respective Departments, functioning within the eight larger Schools, (as well as a number of independent Faculties)offer a wide range of undergraduate courses, leading to a Degree equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree (Ptychio in Greek), after a minimum of four years of studies. Moreover, intra- and inter-Departmental programs offer an expanding range of taught and research-based postgraduate degrees. Finally, a large number of international students are studying every year at the University of Athens for one or two semesters and participating more or less actively in its academic life and in the rich cultural life inside and outside the university. The Department of Theology has a number of courses and a MA and PhD in Education focused on Religion and Education.

Moreover, a Practice Training and Teaching has always figured prominently in the curriculum and since 2013 a Mentoring education /training Program give the opportunity to all student teachers to be trained by trained and qualified teachers/mentors.