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Agoritsa Gogoulou

Agoritsa Gogoulou is a member of the Instructional Laboratory Personnel of the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, University of Athens in the subject of “Didactics of Informatics and ICT in Education”. She has been teacher in secondary education for twenty years and member of the Education and Language Technology Laboratory of the Laboratory Personnel of the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications since 2002. She has rich teaching experience in both secondary and tertiary education and has been engaged in a number of adults training programs related to the use of ICT in various fields. She has also been participated in the developed of educational material for teachers’ training programmes and in committees for the design of informatics curricula for secondary education and for the evaluation of educational material. She has participated in research projects related to the introduction of new teaching and learning approaches and the design and development of adaptive learning environments. She has more than 40 publications in international journals and in proceedings of international conferences.